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Buell Pegasus Experience

1000 Km Hockenheim Stocksportrace

# 151 Harald Kitsch / Manni Kehrmann, Buell 1125 R

Traditionell the 1000 Km of Hockenheim are the german seasonopener of the stocksport racers. But in the last years a lot of people who dont run the full calendar use this event for some final testing, the Companys for early marketing of the new bikes. So was in the last years the racedebut of the BMW HP-2 or the KTM RC-8 on this early event. To be honest, we dont like stocksport with all the regulations, like silent exhaustsystems and limited power.

But this event is regarding the publicity and the contact to the fans very special, its a big happening thats starts at 8.00 in the morning and will be finished in the late afternoon. There is a nice and interesting programm in the paddock and many racefans come with the familiy, -its great!

The rulebook is a bit special. All Teams need to make in a limited time 1000 Km on the track. if all going good you have a half hour of time left at the end. At the begin are more than 100 bikes out on the track at the same time, what is, special at bad weather, the biggest challenge. After the distancerun the bikes go into the parc ferme. After that, each single group start with a Le Manstart into a short Sprintrace with riderchange (must).

The winner is the winner of the sprintrace, if the team had reached the minimum laps in the distancerun before. The position in the startinggrid comes out of the results in the last years.

Pegasusraceteam was with riders Harald Kitsch and Manni Kehrmann set on 1, what helped us nothing, because our day was done after 19 laps in the distancerace.

Sometimes you better stay at home....

We had a significant loss of power and located at the end a problem with the fuelpressure. The team changed parts like both sparkplugs and fuelpump under 20 minutes, but we did not get the bike 100% ok.

It was a pitty to give up, special after we had made a special tribute to E.B.R design on the bike in the design of a youthroom wallpaper (-: -anyway, thats racing! Our congratulations go to Julius Ilmberger and Martin Kratzer (Buell Racing Bonn) who took with the 1125R the victory in the class 4 (Twins and 3 cylinder). Also we need to thank our sponsors and all friends of Buell Racing who visited us there on the track. Special thanks to Holger from Teamdesign for the stickers, and to some guys from XBORG who collected money they donated for the P.R.T raceactivities.


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Tribute Bike

Harald Kitsch


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