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The 2011 Buell Trackday
AST powered mid

Biketoberfest 2011

And they are still getting faster.....

The 11th German Biketoberfest by Art-Motor was almost as always ..... -Ok, the weather was even more perfect than in previous years, the audience participation even higher and the racing classes with the training on Thursday and Friday completely booked for a long time!

Congratulations to Wolf Töns and Dorle Knospe from Art-Motor. In times when other promoters cut down operating expenses and offer motorsports to the exclusion of the public, they had again the balls to set up this top event. Demonstrated that class and mass do not just oppose, they had full starting grids and well occupied stands.

All teams who had showed up with fast riders wanted to look really good at the end to the season once again and offered at Oschersleben Motorsport at its best.

The Pegasusraceteam had, like last year, a tight program, not only with rider Harald Kitsch, were the Superbike open Championship was not under the belt, also the team was again the host of the Pegasus Buell Experience and the Buell only races. In addition, the press presentation of the EBR 1190 RS needed to be managed. So the members of the Pegasus Race team each day had a tight program. Besides Harald Kitsch in the BEARS / SBKopen, Teamowner Thomas Wanner was with the air-cooled Buell XB competing in the Pro BEARS. Robin Taborsky started with the 1125R in the Pro Thunder races.

# 1 Harald Kitsch B.E.A.R.S & Superbike Open

Absolute priority was the race of the EBR 1190 RR. We had the BEARS championship by injury-related start cancellation of Peter Rehder (congratulations fo the Vice Championship) ialready in the bag, but in the SBKopen, for us the more important championship, yet nothing was clear. Harald had to pause due to injury 3 months and had not only missed points in Most / CZ, but could not train for that long time.

Bikers Paradise CBR 1000RR rider Bernhard Neitzel had still a chance to take home the Championship in case Harald would fail. With Ralf Schwickerath (Works BMW S 1000 RR) and IDM rider Nina Prinz (DSB Ducati Berlin 1198 R) are two very fast and well-armed riders at the start. So our strategy was just simple: keep out of everything and go for placer place and championship, without risk of a DNF. For Harald was after the serious injury earlier this season the plan to regain self-confidence and speed.

After Nina Prinz showed on Thursday as guestinstructor on the Buell 1125R Typhon in the Pegasus Buell Experience the advanced Buellamateurs some fast lines, she was out on Friday with the 1198 R, Ducati Berlin freshly prepared for her. It took not long before Nina and Harald met in the free practice on the track and very quickly became clear what is going on. For many laps they rode 1.32er laptimes side by side through the rather filled up field. Always safe, but both made clear this weekend to back off is not an option. Nina must prove that the trust and the additional costs, driven by Ducati Berlin were justified, after at the Festival Italia she already looked good against Harald, but there it was not enough for a win, Harald that he is over his Nürburgringcrash and back in the condition to go real fast and able to manage close infights.

In Saturday's qualifying, then it is BMW and Ralf Schwickerath who grab the pole position with 1.30:658 , with Harald just 3/10th behind and a brief second before Nina Prinz. Harald has improved his lap times throughout the weekend constantly, but Nina and Ralf also getting faster - which will bring the SBK race 1 of the weekend?

It began with a rather strange racestop when that, the field following, Volkswagen Medicalcar spitted out it´s complete engine oil in the triple left turn. Ab big clean up with a delay was the result.

Nina Prinz wins the restart before Harald Kitsch, followed by Ralf Schwickerath. Harald was at the backwheel of the Berlin Ducati and the lap times say that he could ride faster. Then Ralf Schwickerath came closer and Harald had to do something if he wants to control the race. In round 5, the time has come Harald goes in the Hotel turn on the outside line around Nina, who showed the laps before a discomfort passing the still clear visible oil track from the Medialcar. Harald now has a free ride and directly cut down the laptimes 5/10th. Nina, 2 laps from the end of the race, rolls out with a clutchproblem on the Ducati.

Ralf Schwickerath comes within 3/1000 close to Harald's fastest race laptime and with almost 3.5 seconds behind on the second place. In the third place with just over 6 seconds behind, Bjorn Schmoekel completed on the Suzuki GSXR 1000 the Superbike podium. Championship rival Bernhard Neitzel preserved with a 7th Place in the race still his theoretical championship chances. The BEARS scoring for the race was: Harald Kitsch (EBR 1190 RR) / Michael Rapp (RSV 4 Factory) / Hans Juergen Birkey (Ducati 916 SPS). Harald fastest race lap with 1.31:155 was indeed "fastest lap", but was nearly 1.5 seconds under his best time. What else would the weekend bring us?

The race two on Sunday was already finished before it had begun, after at the start for the informationlap an accident happend but with some time delay, it went on.

Nina wun the start, but could not getting away in the following 6 rounds from Harald. The laptimes dropping down from lap to lap and reached an excellent 1.29:582 (Nina) and 1.29:520 (Harald) in lap 6.

What marked for both of them their lowest personal "alltime" 2-cylinder laptimes for Oschersleben. Harald thus rode the fastest laptime of the Biketoberfest overall.

Nina and Harald then in lap 7 reached the first riders to overlap and Harald decided after the first immidiate contact was without a benefit for him, to let the fight for the victory go and ride without further risks home safely.

The fastest alltime Pegasuraceteam / EBRlaptime and the SBKopen Championship 2011, Harald -well done!

Congratulations to Nina Prinz fo the victory, great job of Ducati Berlin, hopefully there's coming something up for Nina next year. Third place went to Björn Schmoekel. Bernhard Neitzel finished the race in 10th, congratulations for the Vice-Championship. The result of the BEARS was: Prinz, Kitsch and Bjarne Jensen (Denmark).

After the Sound of Thunder Championship in 2010, the Pegasus Race team with rider Harald Kitsch and the EBR 1190 RR 2011 now got the Superbike open Championship in competition with the best four cylinder bikes.

The outstanding performance of all team members throughout the season was the basis for this success. The perfect preparation for the Rotaxengines by Alex Kucis (M-Tek Engineering) and the suspensionwork of Ronnie Kreeft (AST - Suspension) were other pillars of success. Thanks to all team members and their families for your time and passion, Thomas thank you for your dedication to EBR / Buell Racing. Last but not least: Thank you Harald, it's an honor to work with you, you're a real racer!

# 450 Thomas Wanner Pro B.E.A.R.S

After teamowner Thomas Wanner had chosen this year to race itself and start on the air-cooled Buell XB racers, we were all curious how things would develop. Since the Festival Italia showed problems in the seat geometry, a monocoque was made with a reduced seat height. The start at the Pro BEARS class is a bit unfortunate for a rider in progress, because at Oschersleben there is next to no competition in the range between 1:43 to 1:46 laptimes. A rider what is coming from an 1.50 in the lap time suddenly struggling because he run lonely in the middle of the field without having any orientation to other a bit faster riders. Technically and mentally a real problem, because it is very difficult without inspiration by competitors you can “hang on” to increase the limit.

In practice and qualifying Thomas successively had fought down the laptimes from a 1.49 to 1:46low lap time and so he qualifies for the 4th row as 13th. In the first of the two races all marked by crashes and restarts, he achieved a good 11th place with a personal fastest lap time of 1.45:616 and once more were the racers in front of and behind him with 1.43:2 and 1:47:7 not really helpful on the track. The podium places went to Bernd Zwanzig (Ducati 748R), Leonard Neels (Triumph 675) and Dirk Mothes (Ducati 748R).

A further improvement in lap times was not to be expected after that very busy weekend when at Sunday afternoon for Thomas the last race started at 17.40.

Thomas got off to a good start and was able to keep up with the front end of the field and improve his personal best laptime to an outstanding 1.43:495. A good 9th Place was the reward, well done Thomas!

On the podium, this time it was: Neels / Mothes / Zwanzig.

 Knut Harms qualified with 1.48er lap time on the Buell XB9 of his girlfriend and finished the first race in 16th. In the second race, he broke at the start unfortunately his rearbelt.
Congratulations to Bernd Zwanzig for winning the Pro BEARS Championship!

Pro Thunder # 414 Robin Taborsky

Also Robins appearance in the Pro Thunder this weekend was a continue lowering of personal best laptimes. The watercooled Buell 1125 R generated a little headake with a non-opening rear brake and a sensor problem but beside of that, the bike worked great and Robin was qualifying with a 1.38:892 as 7th.
In Saturday's race Robin improved his lap time by one more second on 1:37.728 and reached the sixth Place. The podium was fielled by Peter Kraft (Honda VTR 1000 SP2), Norman Plambeck (Bergel 998S) and Malte Siedenburg Ducati 998 / 848th.

In the 2nd race on Sunday Robin missed lying on 4th place, just the podium after a rider of of the leading trio crashed. Unfortunately, the race was stopped and not restarted, so the preliminary round was scored. Still a good 4th place and with a best lap of 1.37:069, almost cracked the 1:36. On the podium: Kraft / Siedenburg / Plambeck. Pro Thunder Champion 2011 is Malte Siedenburg, congratulations!

Conclusion, a very succesful weekend, all riders were able to improve their lap times, no crashes, no initial technical problems. 2 championships brought home for the Team.

Let's see what 2012 will have for us


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