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Buell 1190 RR-B “Bastardbike”

The pictures of the Buell 1190 RR-B are now launched from Erik Buell Racing, icluding the new radiators and the new fairing. This bike include many parts who where planed for the 2011 Buell 1190 R “Barracuda” roadbike what will never come. Because of our early tests in Spain we used the 2009 1125 RR bodywork and radiators, like the bike used in Daytona, on our 1190 RR-B. Under the “ Barrcuda” airboxcover the bike use showerheads and a special airboxdesign with a bigger ramair mouth under the triple. For that the 1190 RR-B frame is different with more clearence to the front cylinderhead, also the framesides are different to offer bigger clearences for the clipons. We will upgrade the bike before the first Sound of Thunderraces with the missing bodyparts to a full 1190 RR-B.

1190RRB  ALC  1

1190RRB  ALC  10

1190RRB  ALC  11

1190RRB  ALC  12

1190RRB  ALC  13

1190RRB  ALC  14

1190RRB  ALC  15

1190RRB  ALC  16

1190RRB  ALC  17

1190RRB  ALC  18

1190RRB  ALC  19

1190RRB  ALC  2

1190RRB  ALC  20

1190RRB  ALC  21

1190RRB  ALC  22

1190RRB  ALC  23

1190RRB  ALC  24

1190RRB  ALC  3

1190RRB  ALC  4

1190RRB  ALC  5

1190RRB  ALC  6

1190RRB  ALC  7

1190RRB  ALC  8

1190RRB  ALC  9

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