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Buell Pegasus Experience

Festival Italia 2009

Black Weekend

After we finished with the Buell XB second and forth at the first two races at the “Schleizer Dreieck”, Alex developed a special catchsystem that the fuelproblem, what cost us in the last race the podium, will not showing up again.

So the Team moved on wednesdayevening with a very good feeling into the box at the Oschersleben Racetrack. The XB was well maintained and we had with us the new rotaxpowered watercooled Buell 1125R. Directly after the “R” was coming out we bought one of these bikes and after we had put it into pieces down to the last screw we were very impressed about some details and about the low weight of several parts.

So our plan for the weekend was simple, beating the Triumph Streettriple in the Pro B.E.A.R.S series with the Buell XB (or see at least the podium) and rolling a bit around with the just on the trackside finished Buell 1125R racebike.

But, lets face it, regarding our goals, a real black weekend was following for the Pegasusraceteam.


Race # 3 Pro Thunder

The 1125R story is qickly told, the bike was signed into the Pro Thunder series, were the competitors are Ducatis, Aprilias, KTM, BMW and the new Moto Morini.

The Team builded the bike near to stock, because in this class is also a weight/powerratio limit in the rulebook. Some Ilmberger carbonbodywork including the single seat and frameprotection, LSL parts (footgegs, uppertriple, clipons), and a GP pattern Shiftlever were the main modifications. Of course the bike kept the ZTL² brake with our own airscoop frontfender and the factory race brakediscs, pads and a Magura mastercylinder. On the scale the bike was around 200 Kg with a full fueltank, in combination with the dynonumbers we expected from the beginning fast laps.

The bike was running absolute fine, so we were not surprised that Achim Scholz was going “out of the box” a high 1:36 laptime and grab the 5th starting position in the second row directly behind polesetter Tony Heiler on the Moto Morini from the Duc Dickl Raceteam. But unfortunately in the race he could not use this advantage and lost many places in a bad start. Trying to get back to the front in the third lap he was going down over the frontwheel, the bike flip over the curbs and dig into the gravel bed.

That happend Sundaymorning because the Saturday afternoonrace was anulated and moved one day, after a masscrash, Achim was not involved.

Because of the damage on the Buell 1125R we decided to skip the second Pro Thunder race.


Race # 3 & 4 Pro B.E.A.R.S

The XB Racing of the weekend was under the bottomline not much more succesful. We qualified 2nd and were all time some /10th of a second behind the leading Streetriple. In the Saturdayrace Achim did not rescue the good starting position into the first corner and lost several places. Than he pushed hard to getting back the contact to the leading Triumph and than, when he was running again on 2nd, he was going in lap 6 down over the frontwheel in turn 1 and park the bike in the gravelbed.

Ok for us. We were there to fight for the championship. Triumphrider Christoph Hellmich took his 3rd victory in 3 races.

We would not be racers if we had a problem with crashing a bike as long the rider get not injured. Achim was fine and over night we rebuilded the XB for the Sundayrace. There the LSL Crashprotection and the well constructed clipons were a great help to prevent the bike in addition with the Ilmberger Carbon frameprotectors from major damage.

The Sundayraces were starting with the crash of the 1125R as described above, were Achim also was not injured and was feeling fit to do the second XB race of the weekend at the late afternoon.

In that he caught again a not so good start and finished the race as 5th after getting at the half of the distance a problem. The victory again took Christoph Hellmich. Dirk Mothes on Ducati and Stefan Solterbeck on the second Triumph completing the podium.

We thank our Sponsors, our rider Achim Scholz and our teammembers for their engagement.

Better days will come (-:


Julius Imberger had in the Sound of Thunder another great weekend on the Buell 1125 R and finished 3rd and 5th after some real hard fighting. Congratulations!

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