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AST powered mid

Masters of Speed 2011

# 1 Harald Kitsch, E.B.R 1190 RR-B - 1 x 2nd, 1 x SBK open victory

 After winning with rider Harald Kitsch the 2010 Sound of Thunder Championship, the plan was to compete this season at the 2011 B.E.A.R.S series, a competition for bikes from Europe and USA (British – European-Amercan-Race-Series) what include this year also the Aprilia RSV4, the Ducati Desmosedici RR and the BMW S1000RR.

In the last weeks before the seasonstart racepromoter Art-Motor had a disapointing signing of the BEARS class, only 5 bikes had entered for the first round, because the Eurospeed Lausitz is a bumpy but fast track in the farest east of Germany. So the team decided for the first round to race also the Superbike open, hoping that later in the season more competition at the BEARS shows up. Next bad news, because of the low entries the BEARS will start with the Superbikes (we signed for the SBK too, just in case....), now it´s getting tricky. At the free pactice Teamrider Harald Kitsch got for the first time the Typhon with the 1190 engine, but quickly was vissible that on this quick track Harald lost 3 seconds per lap compared to the full faired EBR 1190, so we decided to race with the fairing.

Saturdaymorning in the battle for the startinggrid Ralf Schwickerath with the Race Project BMW S1000RR (Factory Testteam) was always fighting back with some tenth of a second when Harald got the fastest lap. That the practice was holded togeher with the 3D (Dutch Ducati Dealercup) and DMC Cup was not a help because a huge traffic on the track made it very tricky to find an open window for a real quick lap. In the last 5 Minutes of the 2nd Timepractice, after the track started to empty, Harald made a extra quick stop in the pit to take a fresh reartire, go out again, pick up speed and in a final extra quick lap, he took the bike to the Poleposition, just some seconds before the end of the session. First step done. How will it turn out?

In the Saturdayrace Harald wun the start, but Ralf Schwickerath striked with the BMW back and took the lead. In the corners and on the brake Harald was clear better, on the straights Ralf was the man. In the end the victory was going with 0.291 in front, less than 3/10 of a second, to BMW and Ralf Schwickerath. The fastest lap with 1:44.206 to Harald Kitsch and the EBR 1190 RR. So a SBK 2nd finish was not too bad for the start. The Sundayrace looked easier because Ralf needed to leave because of other business. At the warmup the Team tested another setup of the AST rearshock. Later in the afternoon Harald wun the start again, pulled very quick away and was more than 20 seconds in front after 6 laps. But then he was doing 1.55 and 2.00 laps and something was going totally wrong. Harald had lost the 2 high gears and found a lot of oil on his left boot. So he rolled around with 8.000 rpm max trying to get home, needed to be quicker than ever in the right corners, but can´t go full into the lefthander after the finishstraight with oil on the boot. So he tried to have an eye through the infield on the Bikers Paradiese Hondarider Bernhard Neitzel to control the distance. Meanwhile the margin was down on 3 seconds, but than Harald understanded the injured bike better and picked up again some speed. At the finishline the EBR 1190RR took another Superbikevictory with 7 seconds in front.

Now the Team got some more work to prepare everything.... Including a low noise exhaust system for the legendary Ducati Clubraces at Assen/Netherlands in 3 weeks. After Pegasusraceteams last years victory there, the Ducatisti will give for sure their best and also KTM, BMW and Aprilia will pull hard to look good there. At Assen the BEARS field will be from a total different quality….

# 1 Harald Kitsch, E.B.R 1190 RR-B - 2 x B.E.A.R.S 1st.

Nothing to celebrate. We wun race # 1 & race # 2, but won´t like to call it a victory. Later in the season might come the day were we appreciate that points. It dont help to recall that our laptimes are the fastest of the weekend overall, but to finish first you first need to finish. Thanks to the competitors who signed in and YES we still believe that the BEARS are a great idea. But also think that for the Tractioncontrolbikes a weightlimit of, as an example, 185 Kilo dry must come to attract other V-Twin Teams with limited resourches to sign in for this raceseries.

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Ralf and Harald

Harald Kitsch

2011 powered by AST




Schubert Motors BMW

Typhon 1190

Another longfaceday

Eurospeedway Lausitz

Happy new <Race> Year

Feedback is everything

White Typhon Bodywork

Mr. Nr. 1 Harald Kitsch

Out for another victory

Aerodynamics needed

Typhon Action

Ronnie Kreeft AST

Fighting the Fat

Victory and 2nd, but.....


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