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The 2011 Buell Trackday
AST powered mid


28 - 29th of August 2010 Schleizer Dreieck

There are tracks each result counts double, the “Schleizer Dreieck” is for sure one of these tracks. It´s a real challenge when all is fine, but with bad wheather and extra noisechecks you are very quick out . Anyway, we will love “the Dreieck” forever, but this time we needed to work very hard for the results. Another victory for Harald Kitsch at the Sound of Thunder and at the Pro Bears, Robin Taborsky took forth in his first wetrace ever.

Here is the report of a difficult weekend >>>


July 29th - 1st of August 2010 Sportbike Masters Most / CZ

Robin Taborsky´s learning curve was pointing upwards since the first day he overtook the cockpit of the Pegasusraceteam Buell XBR racebike. He was picking in the Pro BEARS from race to race up more speed and cutting down the laptimes. Since the weekend in Most / CZ he is able to go with the leaders. Again poleposition and in the race a double podiumfinish as 2nd and 3rd.

Great progress, here is Robins report >>>


24th - 27th of June 2010 Festival Italia Oschersleben

At the 2010 Festival Italia the Buell 1190 RR-B success story with rider Harald Kitsch continued. Another double victory after the seasonopener at the Masters of Speed!

Also for Robin Taborsky the weekend was showing clear progress with the Buell XBR in the Pro BEARS. He took the Poleposition and after a broken gearbox in race 1 he missed the podium just with inces. Race 2 he did not fishished when a broken engine stopped him while he was fighting for the podium.

Thanks to all friends, fans supporters and everybody in the Team, here the story of a great raceweekend >>>



27th -30th of May 2010 Ducati Clubraces Assen TT Course

The Ducati Clubraces at Assen are the holy gral of V-Twin competition. Perfect organized, high level of competitors, a outstanding designed GP track and difficult weather conditions, thats on the shortway what the Sound of Thunder at Assen is about. Legendary bikes like the Britten rode out here there first european merits. It´s a special place and things are not easy to take as we found out. Assen is very strikt, in noise regulations and in following the rulebook setted up by ther KPMV the royal motorsportclub.

It took us some fights and talking to get all we needed for another great raceweekend with the EBR 1190. In the end Harald Kitsch setted pole under dry conditions and got a victory in the first race and finishing the second race as third, both under wet conditions. Read the full report >>>


16th -18th April 2010 Masters of Speed Eurospeedway/Lausitz

After all big hype about these stupid idea from Harley-Davidson to close down Buell, the fresh start of Erik Buell Racing and the following launch of the EBR 1190 RR-B Superbike was now the moment coming up when wishful thinking meets trackreality. And we don´t got disapointed... Pegasusraceteam took a doublevictory on the worldwide first 1190 RR-B races under Harald Kitsch at round 1 & 2 of the 2010 Sound of Thunder Championship! Eriks 1190 for the first time showed up its potential and the tracktimes let us look forward for more Rock´n Roll this season. Racing can be just great! (-:

Manni Kehrmann finished in Pro Thunder round 1 with the stock 1125R as second and afterwards in round 2 on Sunday he got a DNF, the reason was a teammistake -sorry Manni.

Robin Taborsky starts to feeling good on the XB-R and finished both races as 6th. Well done! Story >>>


3rd of April 2010 Stocksport 1000 Km Hockenheim

Our idea to use the 1000Km of Hockenheim for a Shakedown and offer at the same time our fans and supporters good sport failed. There was a delay in our schedule because off the moved rollout of our 2010 bikes in Spain what than later resulted in less time to prepare the bike for the stocksport race.

So we headed to Hockenheim with a untested bike, what was, for a competition without any tracktime before the race, no good idea at all. Meanwhile Julius Ilmberger and Martin Kratzer took on a Buell 1125 R the victory (Congratulations!), the Pegasusraceteam was working in the pits hard to find the problem, after the bike get stranded after 17 laps with fuelproblems. In the end we needed to give up.The story >>>


17.-20. September 2009 Oschersleben BIKETOBERFEST


There are not so many riders who can go in a competition with a new bike and the minimum of less than 1h tracktime straight to the podium. Harald Kitsch was feeling quickly comfortable on the new P.R.T Buell 1125 R racebike for the Pro Thunder series. The team put a lot of extra work into the bike, new bodywork, new Showa factory suspension, new geometry and a lot of details to make the bike fast and reliable. And it payed out, read the story of a wonderful weekend on the track # 432 >>




17.-20. September 2009 Oschersleben BIKETOBERFEST


We signed Jessica Baruth with the Buell XB 12 R into the Pro B.E.A.R.S series. She had never rode before a bike with more than 1 cylinder, mostly 125cc twostroke Roadracers and fourstoke Motocrosser and Supermotos. So operating a V-Twin with loads of torque and a lot of extra weight was for her a total new experience. She took the challenge cool and concentrated, lowering the laptimes from stint to stint, finding better and better lines and later brakepoints. We are all very happy with her progress and results of this weekend. Read more # 489 >>





11.-14. June 2009 FESTIVAL ITALIA


Sometimes you loose and sometimes you can´t win.... Team and rider have seen better weekends than that at the Festival Italia on the Oschersleben racetrack. What counts in the end is that nobody got hurt and the bikes have no substantiell damages. So read the story of our black weekend # 489 >>






8.-10. May 2009 Schleizer Dreieck


The first 2 races of the 2009 Pro B.E.A.R.S championship by Art-Motor were a real challenge. A complete new chassis, a new team and a new rulebook gave us a hard weekend. In the end our rider Joachim Scholz finished 2nd and 4th. Please read the complete racereport # 489 >>

Long Faces @ Schleiz


Robin Taborsky


Harald Festival Italia


Harald Assen podium



Harald und Thomas








Harald Podium



Jessica 5th


Achim Scholz


Achim Scholz Podium Schleiz


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