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Biketoberfest 2010 EBR Superbike Victory

SBK EBR 1190 RR victory

# 1 Harald Kitsch, E.B.R 1190 RR-B - SBK open victory

After Harald have learned in the final Sound of Thunderrace on Sunday that the M-TeK overnight Raceengine was able to go low 1:30 laptimes and still hold together, what was regarding that tough vibrations a real miracle, the Team decided to give him a start in the Superbike open competition where we had just in case adittional signed in.

The season was not as easy as it looked for Harald, because the competitors in the Sound of Thunder were always 1-2 seconds behind him. What means you need to develop the complete flow total alone, nobody were you say, ok thats an interesting line, lets try this, or -ok if he can do that there, I try that too.

And Harald love the competition and to fight with competitors on the same level. If for now the V-Twins are not able, the inline 4s are.

The Qualifying of the 2010 Superbike open was together with the Sound of Thunder (we had our problems, if you havent read already, see the report here >>>) and we had finally the quickest time overall. So the pole should be ours in the SBK too, we missed the first race, so there were some discussions about it, but finally we got it.

So Harald stand in his last race of the 2010 season on pole in a Superbike field with loads of very quick riders and bikes.

There is Jan Christiansen from Danmark with his Suzuki GSX 1000, who was at the start of the season in a mixed race in front of Harald. There are the factory supported BMW RACEproject S 1000RR with Ralf Schwickerath and Bernd Papilion, Steve Jacobs on Honda CBR1000RR and more bunches of Honda CBR, Yamaha R1 and Gixxers.

This should be the benchmark after a year of hard working to proof where the EBR 1190 RR is standing. It could go wrong because the engine is far from fresh, but Erik Buell is here and we like to give him a good show at the last race.

And Harald didnt disapointed us, delivered with 7,5 sec in front a Start-finish victory including fastest laptime, Erik was very happy to see his bike winning in a field like that.

Behind Harald, Jan Christiansen and Steve Jacobs were completing the Podium. Ralf and Bernd finished 4th and 5th on the BMWs.

The Result >>>

A wonderful end of the season and a lot to think about what way we should go with the EBR 1190RR in 2011.

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