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The 2011 Buell Trackday
AST powered mid

++ 1st of December 2011 ++ PBE 2012 starts now ! ++

First come - first serve. We decided to offer for the 2012 Pegasus Buell Experience a reservation procedure, for all these Buellers who are anyway sure that they like to participate. Remember that this year the Friday was completly booked out and we already know that for 2012 Buellers who haven´t joined the PBE in 2010 or 2011 like to sign in. So ensure your participation now >>>

Pegasus Buell Experience 2012



++ 26th of November 2011 ++ Essen Motorshow 2011++

The tour of Harald Kitschs Pegasusraceteam EBR 1190 RR Championbike continues. After the Professionell Motorsport fair at Cologne, now the bike is till 4th of December on display at the Essen Motorshow. Visit the bikeshow in building 4, bike is in great company, like the 2012 Bimota HB4 Moto 2 Racebike.

Of course, some cars you also will find at Essen.... >>>

Essen Motorshow 2011



++ 16th of November 2011 ++ ++

Finally the german webshop of the main Teamsponsor is online. supplies many parts for Tuning, Customizing, Maintenance and Racing of the Buell Motorcycles, from the old Tubeframers S1-X1, the XB series and the Rotax powered bikes up to the actueil EBR 1190 RS. Also in the preorder the first parts of the Typhon project, fitting the Buell 1125 and XB models. Find out more >>>



++ 1st of October 2011 ++ Haralds 2011 Raceseason ++

After the problems earlier this season, our EBR 1190 RR rider Harald Kitsch had a great comeback at the german Biketoberfest. With a 1:29.520 he rode a new all time best laptime for our Team and the East Troy bikes at the Oschersleben racetrack, he also got the fastest laptime of the event overall. The Pegasusraceteam EBR 1190 RR racebikes with the developments of AST Suspension and M-TeK Engineering are on a good level to compete with other actueil Superbikes. The Team presented at Oschersleben also the new EBR 1190 RS, Erik Buells first roadbike after the end of the H-D era. Also time to look back on 2 years of racing the EBR bikes and some thoughts about what may be posssible in the future (coming soon)

Harald Kitsch Champion 2011



++ 30th of September 2011 ++ Buell only Races ++

When you asked Thomas Wanner after the 2010 Buell only races, “will you do that again?” The answer was nothing you like to read here. But now after year 2nd of the Pegasus Buell Experience, we know for sure that we are on the right way to establish the Nr. 1 raceevent for european  Buellriders. It was fun for everybody and the concept of teaching on Thursday / Friday and  racing on Saturday / Sunday turned out very positive. Read more about great motorsport >>>

Buell only races 2011



++ 28th of September 2011 ++ Pegasus Buell Experience ++

Thats the way to say goodbye to the 2011 season! Everybody had loads of fun as a paticipant at the Trackday, in Ronnie Kreefts Handling academy or just as a visitor. The Buell only races at Saturday and Sunday brought some surprises and the most of our Buellers had a real good time. The Friday was completly booked out and we will change for  2012 the concept that way, that the Friday will be completete free riding on the track and the Thursday will be the instructors day. Here is the PBE 2011 report >>>

Pegasus Buell Experience 2011



++ 27th of September 2011 ++ Biketoberfest Raceresults ++

It was a great weekend for the Pegasusraceteam. All three riders, Harald, Thomas and Robin rode new personal best laptimes in their races. It was wonderful to see that bikes and riders are still in upwards pointing progress. Great that Harald brought home the BEARS and Superbike open Championships with a 1 / 2 finish against Nina Prinz. Thomas and Robin got good top ten finishes and significant faster laptimes. Full story here >>>

Robin beim Biketober fest 2011



++ 25th of August 2011 ++ First 1190 RS in Europe ++

Erik Buells new EBR 1190 RS earned standing ovations in the USA as a real Superbike deal for the costumer. Thomas Wanner is working now on the homologation for Swiss as a first step to make the EBR bikes roadlegal in Europe. Getting impressed by joining us at the 2011 Pegasus Buell Experience, were the 1190 RS will be on display and also on the track. You can join the PBE as a visitor or active at the Buell Trackday, the Race or the Riding Academy. The 4 day (21.-25. Sept.) program here >>>

EBR 1190RS @ Biketoberfest



++ 23rd of August 2011 ++ The Instructors at PBE ++

Embedded in the 2011 German Biketoberfest also this year we organize the Pegasus Buell Experience at the Motorsportarena Oschersleben. One of the ideas is to teach Buellriders to use their bikes better, safer and with more fun. For that we offer on Thursday and Friday a Trackday. Robin Taborsky will be again head of the instructor Team, assisted by Pro BEARS Champion Dirk Mothes, XBORG “Instrukta” Ronny Schulz and Matthias Günther. Special as Instructor at Thursday is Proracer Nina Prinz. On Friday and Saturday you can also join for a very fair price the Riding Academy with AST man Ronnie Kreeft. The Riding Academy will be  held on the parkinglot 1. Here you sign in >>>

PBE Instruction



++ 21th of August 2011 ++ Robin Taborsky starts ++

What will be the German Biketoberfest without Buellracers in different classes. Robin Taborsky competes this year with the Pegasus Raceteam Buell 1125R in the Pro Thunder races on Saturday and Sunday. Thats is special for the Pegasus Buell Experience visitors and Fans of the East Troy Twins another highlight on that weekend. Robin will compete there against fast Ducati and Aprilias and riders like Malte Siedenburg and Frank Behrje. Robin Taborsky >>>

Robin Taborsky



++ 16th of August 2011 ++ EBR Nation Video Vol III ++

The 1190RS streetbike is available as carbonedition or in 3  different real hot colors. Abraxas Inferno red, Boreas frost white and Pitch black. This starting edition is limited on 100 bikes, the first 1190 RS had already reached the EBR dealers in the USA. So the Erik Buell story with the outstanding bikes from East Troy / Wisconsin continues.  

 Here is Vol. III of the EBR Nation video >>>

EBR Nation Vol III



++ 2nd of August 2011 ++ Video race@airport ++

As we reported Stefan Graff got with that old 4 speed Sportster a 265 km/h run at the inviatation race@airport event at the Groß Dölln airstrip last month. Dragtime produced a video about that unique event. Mainly there are cars in, but also the M-TeK / Hillbilly-Motors Sportster is to see. And who of us don´t like to watch an Koenigsegg, Porsche or a full tuned Corvette in action. Have fun >>>

Long Distance Run 265 km/h



++ 29th of July 2011 ++ EBR Nation Video Vol II ++

Here is now Volume II of the Erik Buell Racing promotion video series to feature the EBR 1190 RS streetbike. The RS is limited on 100 bikes and is in fact the EBR 1190 RR Superbike what Pegasusraceteam use with rider Harald Kitsch and Geoff May ride it in the American AMA Championship. The engine is only powerlimited by thicker gaskets to reduce the compression ratio and got a different timing of the cameshafts. So with some adjustments, some new gaskets and the EBR racekit, what includes ECM and exhaust, you got a real “out of the box” Superbike. The EBR Nation video Vol. II here >>>

EBR Nation Vol II



++ 21th of July 2011 ++ 1190 RS Dreambike of the year++

In September 2011 Motorcyclists USA magazine print issue we will read the anouncement that Erik Buells 1190 RS is voted as the “Dreambike of the year 2011”. Great support, first bikes are at the dealers in the USA. GO EBR! Fiercely independent. Some teaser infos at Motorcyclist facebook pages >>>

EBR Dreamike of the year 2011



++ 21th of July 2011 ++ EBR Nation Video Vol ++

Marketing the Superbike 1190 RS starting to speed up at EBR. There will be a series of 4 chapters about the Bike, technical details and riders impressions. Part I is, hearing what AMA rider Geoff May have to say about the EBR 1190 RS. We can confirm his “nothing handles like an 1190” phrase. This bike is out of the box something you can use on the track to go real fast!  Here´s the video >>>

EBR Nation Video Vol I



++ 11th of July 2011 ++ The race is on!++

Registration is open now! The 2011 Pegasus Buell Experience is offering highlights for everybody. Book tracktime with or without instruction, show what you have in the Buell only races, perfect your style at the Ridingschool, learn something about your bike in our workshops, or  just join us for Party & Fun and watch the 2011 Finals of great races like BEARS, Supertwin, Pro Bears or Superbike open. From September 22. - 25th the Motorsportarena Oschersleben is the place of the Action. More here >>>

Sign in now!



++ 10th ofJuly 2011 ++ Congrats Geoff May ++

Erik Buell Racing had this weekend the rollout of the now for the AMA Superbike races homologated EBR 1190 RS. Congratulations for # 99 Geoff May, the Team and Erik Buell for an 11th and 10th finish in the Saturday / Sundayraces at Mid Ohio at the AMA Superbike. The extralight 1190RS needed to carry 12 Kilo extraweight there, it is a real deal for the road and a great trackbike.  More at EBR >>>

Geoff May EBR 1190 RS



++ 9th of July 2011 ++ Stefan Graff 265 km/h milerun ++

M-TeK Engineering in collaboration with Hillbilly-Motors builded years ago with Stefan Graff a Dragbike for the Harley Streetcompetitions, based on an old 4 speed Sportster. Since than Stefan and the bike won nearly anything you can win and is still a european recordholder. Alex Kucis and him decided to let the bike compete at the race@airport 1 mile run. Congratulations to rider and enginebuilder for an 265km/h topspeed with a standing start .

Stefan Graff



++ July 2nd  2011 ++ PRT in the Media: Speedweek ++

Nice feature covering the Festival Italia at Speedweek, also the Nr. 1 Motorsportmazine for the Pegasusraceteam. Each Tuesday firsthand informations about mostly anything that races on two or four wheels, plus a great website. Here you find the SPEEDWEEKstory >>>

Speedweek weekly Magazine



++July 2nd 2011 ++ Four in a row, the Victoryweekend ++

Art-Motor´s Festival Italia brought us fresh competition with Nina Prinz and Pierrefrancesco Chili. After struggling in the free tracktime, our Team got the control back when it starts to count at the Qualifying. Poleposition for the B.E.A.R.S and the Superbike open, fastest laptimes and a doublevictory in both competitions. A happy end also for Thomas Wanner who started with the aircooled XB-R at the Pro BEARS races. Read the full report here >>>

Nina, Harald, Frankie



++June 15th 2011 ++ Pegasus Buell Experience 2011 ++

Also in 2011 Thomas Wanner and the Pegasusraceteam invite Buellriders and friends for the Pegasus Buell Experience at the Oschersleben Motorsport Arena. After the last years succes, we offer this year some adittional programm. Stay tuned, more info´s and start of the booking will be soon. 

Join the Experience!



++June 14th 2011 ++ Frankie Chili at Festival Italia ++

Now it is confirmed. Former Moto GP and World Superbikerider Frankie Chili will compete with a Ducati 1098 prepared by the dutch Kock Raceteam at the Festival Italia. He signed in at the ne B.E.A.R.S class were he will compete with bikes from BMW, Buell, MV Agusta, KTM, Triumph and Aprilia. Read more at Speedweek Magazine >>>

Frankie Chili



++June 10th 2011 ++ Coming next Festival Italia ++

With the Festival Italia, one of the season highlights coming up in front of us. We need to stand a tough competition there, including Frankie Chily who will compete in the BEARS for Ducati. The Festival Italia have a 14 year tradition and have seen great bikes like John Brittens V 1000. Have a look on the website and don´t forget to check out the  “Festivals News Countdown” See you there! >>>

Festival Italia 20111



++June 8th 2011 ++ SBK victory at the German TT ++

Temperatures up to 32 degrees celsius and because of another racestart, a “Sunday only” limited tracktime, had brought us an exciting day at the races. Finally we drove home with a 2nd and a victory in the Superbike open Round 3 & 4 and leading now the championship. Here is the full story and pictures >>>

Another Superbike Victory!



++June 2nd. 2011 ++ Coming next German TT ++

At the upcoming weekend from 3rd to the 5th the Team will race the German TT on the legendary Schleizer Dreieck. rider Harald Kitsch start with the EBR 1190 RR in the competition Superbike open against the inline fours from Japan and BMW. Because of overlapping races we will be on the track only at Sunday. Stay tuned!

Coming next 3.-5th of June



++May 30th. 2011 ++ The Assen BEARS story ++

Not one of our easiest weekends. First we pick the wrong tyres than the bike spit water on the frontwheel just when Harald brake into the corner. At the end we tested our new swingarm and exhaustsetup succesful, learned a lot and brought also a 3rd finish i the BEARS home. Live could be worth... read the full story about an exciting weekend >>>

Read the full story >>>



++May 20th. 2011 ++ Typhon Project at MOTORRAD ++

Europes Nr. 1 Motorcycle Magazine presents in the actueil issue 11/2011 a short feature about testriding our EBR 1190 based Typhonprojectbike at the Eurospeedway. The bike was equipped with a first version of the 1125cc Rotax M-TeK Stage 1 roadtuningsetup. Sounds like the editor really liked that bike. MOTORRAD is waiting now to ride the Typhon roadbike. Here is the PDF with the test >>>

Motorrad 11 / 2011



++May 18th. 2011 ++ Podium at the Ducati Clubraces ++

The Ducati Clubraces at the Assen TT Circuit now have 4 years in a row rain on the Sundayraceday. A wrong decission  maybe costed us the B.E.A.R.S victory in the first race, were we needed to start out of the pits and Harald managed in an amazing ride a 3rd place. Second race Harald crashed after a leaking headgasket pumped up the coolingsystem and a radiatorhose slipped away and drained the coolingwater into the bellypan. At the brakingpoint of the quick right/left chicane before the finish the water stopped Haralds fight for the 3rd. Full story coming here soon.

Assen 2011



++ April 24th. 2011 ++ BEARS @ Assen TT Circuit ++

After the disapointing start of the new BEARS at the “Masters of Speed” now round 3 & 4 will be another caliber. The new BEARS rulebook give BMW  with the S1000RR and the Aprilia RSV 4 for the first time the chance to show up at the legendary Ducati Clubraces at Assen. Also the 4 cylinder Ducati Desmosedici is legal to start there and mix up with Ducati and KTM Twins. On the quick Assen TT Circuit it will be a real challenge for the Traction/Wheelycontrol free Rotax V-Twin powered EBR 1190 RR, but thats the way how competition is today. We heared that many Buellfans plan to be on site, so we decided  to have the launch of the Typhon 1125 Streetversion there at Assen. See you at the 2011 Ducati Clubraces >>>

Ducati Clubraces Assen



++ April 20th. 2011++ Pegasusraceteam powered by AST ++

“Since I builded the first Buellshock I hoped that one day a succesfull Buellteam with a real quick rider will pick our products”, say Ronnie Kreeft, AST head of Motorcycle development. “After the SBK victory with AST there was not much to think in what direction we will continue our work, we get the best parts and support and Ronnies father have a more than 30 year record in the Suspension industry, I like that stuff”, completed rider Harald Kitsch. AST is well known in Roadracing and Rally and this year very succesful in the American Grand Am series. Learn more about AST >>>

Advanced Suspension Technology



++ April 18th. 2011 ++ Great Raceseasonstart 2011 ++

After our 2010 seasonfinish with a victory in the Superbike open, our plan was to concentrate our resourches on the development of the Typhon project and  to compete this year with the EBR 1190 RR only at the BEARS competition. For the opening at the “Masters of Speed” not many Teams signed for the BEARS so the promoter decided to embed the class in the SBK field. We signed in for the SBK and brought home a victory and a 2nd with the fastest lap. Read the full story >>>

Seasonstart 2011



++ April 14th 2011 ++ Gruner Engineering continue ++

After the succes with the Typhon 1190 project Pegasusraceteam is very happy to anounce that the Wolfsburg/Germany located Automotive Engineering Company Gruner Engineering and Design GmbH continue the support of the Team also in 2011. There is a starting interest about professionell Engineering also in the motorcycle aftermarket industry and Gruner is looking there for new bussines opportunities. More about Gruner >>>

Gruner Wolfsburg



++ April 12th 2011 ++ 2011 Season starts now!++

The 2011 season starts now at the Masters of Speed at the Eurospeedway Lausitz Raceway. We signed Harald Kitsch riding  the EBR 1190 RR and the Typhon prototype at the B.E.A.R.S competitions. Aditional we may start at the Superbike open. Stay alert. The full 2011 schedule is online, more about the Masters of Speed here >>>

Season 2011



++ April 10th 2011 ++ ISB new Teamsponsor ++

High precision and expertise are the parallels with the Munich based engineering firm chosen for structural engineering, now ISB has decided to support the Pegasusracetam. The company stands also for unusual solutions, engineering-style approach and personal commitment driven with passion even at supposedly bad paper condition. The small powerful team fits excellently with the Pegasus Race Team. WELCOME!

ISB Muenchen



++ April 5th 2011 ++ Typhon Conversionkits ++

The Pegasusraceteam Typhonproject got after the launch end of November over winter a complete re-engineering at projectpartner Gruner Engineering in Wolfsburg. In the focus was a smoother design and optimizing the parts for the production process. After the succesful rollout is now some detailing left and we are looking forward to start the toolingprocess for the Buell 1125 conversionskits end of April. Pricing for the 3 different Kits (Radiatorkit, Frontkit, Upper Bodyworkkit) should be also available end of the month.

Typhon Re-design



++ March 28th 2011 ++ Rollout 2011 Spain ++

The 2011 rollout was focused mainly on the Typhonproject. We used the stock 1125 Rotaxengine and the result was great, all the fresh developed parts had done the job very well and Harald was able to go some real fast laps. Pro Thunder pilot Robin Taborsky made progress with the Buell 1125R, with us all days was Teamowner Thomas Wanner riding the XB 12R Racebike. Here are the pictures >>>

Typhon 2011



++ March 3rd 2011 ++ Pegasus Buell Experience ++

After the 2010 succes, Pegasusraceteam decided to organize also in 2011 the Pegasus Buell Experience embedded into the german Biketoberfest at the Oschersleben Racetrack. This year the event will be from 22.-25. September. We are planing again a Buell only Trackday, Buellraces and a Customshow. We also talk with the promoter Art-Motor about adding some aditional activities for Buellers who maybe dont like to go with their bikes on the track. A wheelie/stoppie workshop and a handling academy (here a videolink to Craig Jones Academy and AST Ronnie Kreeft riding) is what we have in mind, not sure for now if it will be possible, but we work o that. More soon.

PBE 2011



++ December 16th 2010 ++ 2011 Teamsponsors ++

Pegasusraceteam had an terrific succesful 2010 season. Now with the Typhon 1190 project we again earn a lot of worlwide attention in the medias. The Team and the technologiepartners working on more highlights for 2011. Todays Motorsport needs support from partners and sponsors.

So if you or you company think that what we are doing is great, we would love to discuss the future opportunities of an cooperation. Please contact Jens from the Team. >>> 

Masters of Speed 2010



++ November 27th 2010 ++ The EBR 1190 Typhon ++

Based on  the Erik Buell Racing 1190 RR-B Superbike we realized a radical nakedbike study. Gruner Engineering constructed with newest CAD technologies the parts and wrapped it in an outstanding design. Afterwards all components produced with  lasersintertechnic (rapid prototyping). The result is a unique looking Bike what already found a lot of fans worldwide. Typhon 1190 >>>

EBR 1190 Typhon



++ November 19th 2010 ++ Essen Motorshow News ++

Pegasusraceteam in collaboration with Gruner Engineering and developed together a study how an E.B.R based 1190 nakedbike could look. Welcome to meet the Team and the makers behind the project from 27th of November - 5th of December at Building 6, Stand 101.

See you at the Essen Motorshow >>>

Essen slogan



++ November 18th 2010 ++ Erik @ Custom Fighters ++

Craig Kruckenberg from visited E.B.R at East Troy and had a good interview with Erik Buell about Racing and how he see the last year after H-D closed down Buell. Nice comment: ”Harald Kitsch is a big man. Like 6’6” and 200 lbs and he can ride up front even at his size. He’s incredibly talented and if he would have been engineered genetically different he would be a Valentino Rossi if he was 130lbs”. Read more >>>

Pic. courtesy of



++ October 23rd 2010 ++ Racetaxi @ Essen Motorshow++

At the Biketoberfest we had the rollout of our Buell Racetaxi, former known as the Experimental bike. We had some problems with clutchspin, but after passing a lot of regulationdetails like a special trackinsurance, finally we were out with the first 5 guests. AND THEY LOVED IT! We will have daily demorounds at the Essen Motorshow where we will present our Team on stand 6.0-101. Meet the Team at the show from 27th of November - 5th of December. We will be there and we will have another new outstanding bike with us. Read more about the Racetaxi >>>

PRT Racetaxi



++ October 22nd 2010 ++ Teams 2011 Raceplans ++

After a so very succesful season with a great rider like Harald Kitsch and a fast bike like the Erik Buell Racing 1190 RR-B automatically the question pop up: What comes next? The answer is, we haven´t decided yet. After the victory in the german SBK open race, spontaneously some Teammanagers asked us if we should compete alltogether next year in that SBK class. We need new challenges for 2011 thats for sure, that might be an interesting one. The other discussion is DAYTONA, if Erik manage an homologation of the 1190RS and if we had support from the US Buellfans it might be worth to think about to come over and give Harald and Daytona a try.

2011 Daytona ?



++ October 21st 2010 ++ Ronnie Kreeft ride for P.R.T ++

He is an ambitioned Buellracer and a talent. After we met this summer at Assen for the Ducati Clubraces we kept in closer contact and had again a great time at the Biketoberfest at Oschersleben watch him Racing his Buell 1125R. So we are very happy to anounche that AST Suspension  will support us in 2011 and that Ronnie has entered Pegasusraceteam as an adittional rider, mainly for the races in the NL, but we will see what will come. Welcome Ronnie! AST Suspension >>

Ronnie Kreeft



++ October 18th 2010 ++ Biggest Buell Raceteam ++

If somebody had said at the begin of the season, 9 x Pole, 9 x fastest Racelap, 9 victories and the win of the Sound of Thunder Championship, will be the Pegasusraceteam report 2010 in the top series, we had said: stop dreaming. But this great Team have made it! Absolute full professionell concentration, zero error in all races and rider Harald Kitsch, zero crashes allover the season. We, alltogether worked so hard to make it happen in the year 1 after H-D pulled the plug. The guys at E.B.R, Alex Kucis from M-TeK Engineering, Christian Hoffmann the Chiefmechanic and all the teammembers, GREAT JOB, WELL DONE! Some words from Wes >>>

Oschersleben 2010



++ October 16th 2010 ++ Harald Kitsch took SBK victory++

After the job was done, the last Sound of Thundervictory was taken home, the 1190 “overnight” M-TeK build engine was still alive. Time to remind about some unfinished business. At the “Master of Speed”, at the start of the season, the danish Superbikerider Jan Christiansen was in front when we raced together with the SBK open series. Harald haven´t forgotten that.... We had signed “just in case” for the SBK open race and the qualifying of SBK and SoT was helded together, and Harald was with the E.B.R fastest overall, so we had there the pole too.... Finally Harald took also the SBK victory >>>

Harald Kitsch



++ October 17th 2010 ++ Biketoberfest Racefinals ++

9 RACES, 8 PODIUMS, 4 RIDERS, 3 VICTORIES. The Pegasusraceteam had an extra starter for the weekend, Thomas Wanner, the Teamowner himself, signed for the PBE Buellrace and finished both races on the podium (2./2.), like Robin Taborsky who cracked the 1:40 laptime with the XB in the Pro BEARS (3./2.). Manni Kehrmann missed the Podium in the Pro Thunder in the first race (4./2.) and Harald Kitsch took another Sound of Thunder doublevictory and also won the last SBK open race of the season. But it was the result of hard work, before and at the raceweekend >>>

Thomas & Harald



++ October 16th 2010 ++ Rocking out with Erik Buell ++

As the most know, Mr. Buell have at least 2 more passions beside to construct and build some of the greatest bikes in the world, he love old US-cars and he plays music. Just fresh out with his band, the Thunderbolts, is their new CD “ANTHEM“ you find at

At Oschersleben he performed with the Black Angels >>>

Erik Buell & Black Angels



++ October 13th 2010 ++ PBE Buellrace Results ++

The Pegasus Buell Experience Race, a Buell only race for these guys who want to know where they are standing for real. STOP TALKING - START RACING! It was a great idea to put a bunch of good roadriders 2 days on Thursday and Friday out on the track with the right instructors and than finally let them do 2 serious races on Saturday and Sunday. Including the full procedure with Qualifying, Warmups. If the flags drops, the bullshit stops! The Experience >>>

PBE Buellrace



++ October 14th 2010 ++ PRT 1190RR @ HellforLeather++

Looking backwards about the first season of an Erik Buell Racing 1190 RR-B competing in the 2010 Sound of Thunder, we say GREAT! This bike is for sure one of the most, maybe the absolute most competitive V-Twin ever, if you are talking the man and the machine and not IT-engineers Playstation technologies.   It need to be proofed one day, when GPS / sensor driven bikes are history, if a mandriven KTM or Ducati will beat without traction/launch/wheeliecontrol Eriks creation and Haralds laptimes. The bike at HfL >>>

Erik Buell Racing 1190RR-B Details



++ October 15th 2010 ++ PBE Trackday Review ++

What a fun! 4 days Buell reloaded. Buell is dead, no future? What a bullsh##!  After many of the medias in front of the event found no words to anounce it, we celebrated 4 days (and nights) at best weather with friends and fans the American Sportbike and our 2010 racesucces. More than 200 Buellenthusiasts from allover 11 countries, including USA, visited the Pegasus Buell Experience 2010 organized by the Team in connection with Art-Motor over the days. 80 joined the dinner with Erik at the Skylounge, many have seen the races.  THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING! >>>

Buell Trackday 2010



++ October 12th 2010 ++ Interview with Erik Buell ++

Wes Siler from Hell for Leather, the famous New York located internetplatform, home of bikeculture, has done a great interview with Mr. Erik Buell at the german Biketoberfest. Talking about Erik Buell Racing, the new 1190 RS Streetbike and the mission of the American Sportbike.

Never quit! Here´s the Interview >>>

Erik Interview



++ October 11th 2010 ++ PBE Customshow Results ++

One of the fascinating things about Buellowners is that they go crazy for customizing, put a lot of time and money into the bike and finally they use it, even on the racetrack! Win the show on Saturday, race on Sunday, ride to work on Monday, Buells and their rider rulez! If there was naturally the competition at the watercooled class a bit limited, at the Tubeframers and XB´s you needed to have top builds at the start. Only quality counted at the Show >>>

Buell Customshow 2010



++ October 1st 2010 ++ Update Buell Trackday ++

Just 6 days left before we start, the maybe most exciting weekend of the season. At the 2010 Biketoberfest the Pegasusraceteam celebrate with Erik Buell and many friends on and beside the track the first E.B.R 1190 RR Championship. Harald Kitsch is the 2010 Sound of Thunderchampion. We are looking forward on 4 great days full packed with racing, party, custombikeshow and celebration. It is still possible to sign for single days on Thursday or Friday on the track, join the Buell only race on the weekend or display your bike at the Customshow >>>

Buell Pegasus Experience



++ September 26th 2010 ++ Congratulation Geoff May++

Erik Buell Racing and rider Geoff May had a tough time at the 2010 AMA Superbikeraces and going mostly into the Top 10 this season. Finally at the last race of the season at Barber, Geoff showed very impressive the potential of the EBR 1125RR and himself as a topclass rider. Started from 8th he fight the bike to the lead of the race and got a lot of attention and airtime. It´s amazing to watch the traction, stability and lines this package is able to go >>>

Geoff May



++ September 17th 2010 ++ Black Angels Teaser ++

Live on stage at the german Bikeoberfest: Ron Phillips “Black Angels”. We love that real true Rock these guys perform. They will be on stage at our Buell trackday on Fridaynight and they will play in full concert length. And as we know, Mr. Erik Buell never travel without his guitar, so we expect an outstanding “Night at the Races”. Here is a little teaser >>>

Black  Angels Rock



++ September 5th 2010 ++ Finally another victory ++

It was a very difficult weekend at the “Schleizer Dreieck” with many black flags for our riders and teriffic weatherconditions. Looks like the times of this very loud bikes are history, for next year we need to find solutions to hold that 104 dB noiselevel. Meanwhile Harald and the Team celebrates another Sound of Thunder victory and fastest lap of the event allover including the Superbikes. Robin missed the podium just for a bikelength in his first wetrace ever. Why he missed the podium and why it was with all the sucess still the weekend of the long faces you read here >>>

Schleiz 2010



++ September 3rd 2010 ++ Update Buell Trackday ++

Erik Buell will be joining the event all days. So we streched the programm, also for the non racers, on this 4 days and include now an extra Buell exhibition with customcontest, there will be a paradelap for Buell Tubeframers and on Saturdayevening we will have a special Buelldinner with Erik.

For the people who like to join the track -there is only one Buellgroup on this event (with or without instructors), so the number of places is naturally limited, read more about the details and book now >>>

Erik Buell



++ September 2nd 2010 ++ Robin Video Most ++

US rider Jason Van had at the race in Most / CZ a onboard camera on his Kawasaki 600 where the Pro Bears and 600 started together. He showed us at Schleiz that material, it is really great and he was very happy to give it to the Team, thanks Jason! Now we know that Robin is not only a skilled rider, he also have a feeling for cutting videos. It´s a very powerful statement about his love for the sport >>>




++ August 19th 2010 ++ PRT at the Essen Motorshow ++

Not absolute confirmed, but it looks like that Pegasusraceteam will be on the Essen Motorshow 2010. Not only to have the Erik Buell Racing 1190 RR-B on display, also to promote the new BEARS. We would be no racers if we could stand more than a week still, thats why we will offering some true motorsport action live on the track, there on Essen Motorshow.  Read more >>>

Essen Motorshow 2010



++ August 17th 2010 ++ Keep the fire burning ++

Frank Butte (Tutte) sended us this picture of 2 Gascontainers  with CNC cutted Buell Logos. Keep the fire burning Erik, is   what comes direct in your mind when you see it. And you are not alone, there are many people out here who support Erik and the dream of the American Sportbike. You can donate to EBR Racing, you can join the communities at facebook or just ride your Buell and have a big laugh about this video >>>

Kepp the fire burnin



++ August 15th 2010 ++ Schleizer Dreieck next! ++

There are not so many “public road” racecourses left in Europe. The Schleizer Dreieck is one of the last survievors. It  have seen the first race in 1923 and still offers the fans very exciting motorsport. Pegasusraceteam with Sound of Thunderrider Harald Kitsch (EBR 1190 RR-B) and Robin Taborsky (Buell XBR) in the Pro Bears, will compete there the weekend 28/29th of August with round 7 of the 2010 raceschedule. Welcome friends of Buell Racing >>>

Schleizer Dreieck Roadracing 2010



++ August 10th 2010 ++ Robin Taborsky 2 x podium ++

The Pro BEARS Championship is a real challenge for a young rider and Robin worked from day one of the 2010 season  very hard to cut down his laptimes. From now on he goes with the leaders. At round 5 & 6 at the Autodrom in Most / CZ he took, after riding out in qualifiying another poleposition, a double podium and finished 2nd and 3rd in the races. Read the full story >>>

Robin Taborsky



++ July 30th 2010 ++ Robin race at MOST /CZ++

Robin Taborsky is with a part of the Team at the Autodrom in  Most for the next round of the Pro BEARS Championship. He compete there with the aircooled Buell XBR a bit handicapped after washing the dishes and grabbed with the clutchhand into a extrasharp knife, what brought him an emergencytrip to the hospital, a surgery and in the end 8 stiches. We always say most accidents happen at home...  More about the Sportbike Masterweekend presented by Art-Motor >>>

Most 2010



++ July 27th 2010 ++ New 1190 RR-B Video++

Here we are now, thanks to Holger, with the new video showing Harald Kitsch riding the Erik Buell Racing 1190 RR-B to another victory at the 2010 Art-Motor Festival Italia at the Oschersleben Racetrack. Not much competitors to see, but outstanding onboardviews from different angles and a real good racespeed, with that 1.29.733 extrafast lap. Took a ride with Harald to the victory >>>

Video Festival Italia



++ July 13th 2010 ++ Buell Trackday by P.R.T++

At the 2010 Sound of Thunder finals from 7. - 10th of October, at Biketoberfest on the Oschersleben racetrack, Pegasusraceteam offers in collaboration with an outstanding raceweekend for Buellriders and fans. You can choose to ride on Thursday and Friday with or without instructors your bike on the racetrack and the greatest: on Saturday and Sunday will be aditional to the normal raceprogramm on both days a Buell only race. Read more about the special programm for Buellers >>>

Pegasus Buell Experience



++ July 2nd 2010 ++ Hunting down the Laptimes ++

The Sound of Thunderseason is half done. Time for some reflections about the Erik Buell Racing 1190 RR-B Superbike and todays high quality Clubsport Racing. If Manufacturers,  Collectors, Industry and Fans like to see also in the future outstanding motorsport with bikes that touch the emotions, it may be the time to discuss new (old) concepts >>>

The return of the BEARS?



++ July 1st 2010 ++ Another double victory ++

The 2010 Art-Motor Festival Italia turned in the Sound of Thunder again to a Buell Festival. Under a great support from the fans Harald Kitsch rode the 1190 RR to two more victories. Robin Taborsky continued his progress on the Buell XBR and took the pole in the Pro BEARS. Only technical problems prevented him from his first podiums for the Pegasusraceteam. Here´s the full story >>>

Festival Italia 2010



++ June 29th 2010 ++ Assen Qualy Onboard Video ++

We recorded Haralds Qualifying session to the poleposition in Assen complete. So join him and the Erik Buell Racing 1190 RR-B Superbike on the Assen TT-Course piloting the bike to pole in the 2010 Sound of Thunder at the Ducati Clubraces. Get some good speakers and enjoy the ride >>>

Onboard Assen



++ May 30th 2010 ++ Harald Kitsch kicks Assen ++

There is maybe no higher victory to take in todays V-Twin Racing than to win the Sound of Thunder at the Ducati Clubraces on the Assen TT-course. As a result of a very difficult weekend Pegasusraceteamrider Harald Kitsch took the victory with the Erik Buell Racing Superbike.

Read the full story and visit the picturegallery >>>

Assen Victory



++ May 29th 2010 ++ Buellracers at Ducati Clubraces++

All in all 5 Buellracers competed at the 31. Ducati Clubraces in Assen. P.R.T rider Harald Kitsch in the Sound of Thunder and  in the Thunderbike competition: Ronnie Kreeft -from AST Suspension (3.), Bas Leek (1.),  Jean Claude Luijcx -the racing Buelldealer (15.) und Gilbert Backx (9.). Also there a great succes for the bikes out of East Troy: Poleposition for Ronnie und  victory  for Bas! Pic >>>

Buellracers Assen 2010



++ May 27th 2010 ++ Kenny Noyes on Buell (-: ++

At Assen TT course we hosted Moto 2 rider and 2000 US Dirttrackchampion Kenny Noyes in our pitbox. He flyed in from Barcelone, where he lives, to get some tracktime on the Assen TT course. There he will compete with the Jack &  Jones by Antonio Banderas Team on his Promo Harris Moto 2 Bike on 26th of June in the Dutch GP. The tracktime was very limited, so there was no chance for a tracktest of the Erik Buell Racing 1190 RR-B, but Kenny was very interested in the E.B.R bike and like to say hello to all his fans, special in the USA. Who knows what future will offer.... ? At the french GP in Le Mans he got the Moto 2 pole and was going down from the bike running on 3rd! Enjoy some pics of Kenny with the Erik Buell Racing 1190 RR-B >>>

Kenny Noyes



++ May 3rd 2010 ++ Report from Loveride 18 ++

Not all of us caught the sunny side of life. A good place to remember that and good day to pay respect is the anual Loveride in Dübendorf / Swiss what took this year for the 18th time place. Thomas Wanner visited this carityevent for a long tíme and now this year Pegasusraceteam supported on sponsorlevel. Thanks to the organizers of the Loveride, great job! More >>>

Loveride 18



++ May 1st 2010 ++ Pegasusraceteam new Video ++

We launched a 10 minute “celebrating the victory” video about Haralds doublesucces at the Masters of Speed at Eurospeedway Lausitz were he won Sound of Thunder round 1 & 2. Music for this video comes from Ron Phillips “Black Angels”. These guys were really big in the 80´s and now, 20 years later, they are back with this clear and straight handmade Rock. We love it! Here´s the video >>>

Black Angels



++ April 19th 2010 ++ Pegasusraceteam T-Shirts ++

The Team will offer T-Shirts and Teamwear from May 2010 on.

To celebrate the double victory of the  new Erik Buell Racing 1190 RR-B Superbike we will produce a limited T-Shirt (2 in a row) with rider Harald Kitsch and the bike. The design we will launch in the next days, preorders we take  from now on.




++ April 18th 2010 ++ Masters of Speed Results ++

Harald Kitsch took the victory in both rounds 1 & 2 in the Sound of Thunderraces with the brandnew Erik Buell Racing 1190 RR-B. Manni Kehrmann got a 2nd and a DNF in the Pro Thunder class with the 1125 R. Robin Taborsky finished his first Buell XB-R Pro B.E.A.R.S races on 6th. What a start for the new E.B.R 1190 RR-B Racebike! Read the complete story about a very succesful Buell Raceweekend >>>

Masters of Speed 2010



++ April 14th 2010 ++ Robin Taborsky on Buell XB ++

23 year old Robin Taborsky will race a Pegasusraceteam Buell XB-R in the 2010 Pro B.E.A.R.S. “We liked to give a young rider the possibility to compete with our professionell resources” say Crewchief Jens Krüper and Teamowner Thomas Wanner stated clear: “Robin got a chance because we think he have the skills to go fast and the standing to work hard for good results”.

Robin Taborsky



++ April 12th 2010 ++ 1190 RR-B picture gallery online++

The art of engineering. Have a closer look on the 2010 Erik Buell Racing 1190 RR-B. Notice the fine radiator solutions, the magnesium subframe and the outstanding details. Its a masterpice in design and engineering. Very hard to accept that these bike include the genes (and genius) of the 2011 Buell Barracuda Super Streetbike, what will never go on the road under the legendary Buellbrand. View the pics >>>

Buell 1190 RR-B



++ April 11th 2010 ++ P.R.T now on ++

The second Erik Buell Racing 1190 RR-B Superbike just arrived. Follow the Pegasusraceteam in a exciting season with the Superbikes and Harald Kitsch in the Sound of Thunder, the 1125 R will race under Manni Kehrmann in the Pro Thunder competitions and for the fans of aircooled pushrodpower we compete in the Pro B.E.A.R.S. series 2010. More from now on also under >>>

Follow us on twitter



++ April 8th 2010 ++ Extra Racedate Most/CZ ++

For the Pro Thunder and Pro B.E.A.R.S Racepromoter Art-motor add another date (Round 7) to the schedule. Its the weekend 31. July / 1. August on the Most racetrack in Czech. The Sound of Thunder Round 7 take place 27.-29. of August on the Schleizer Dreieck. More at >>




++ April 7th 2010 ++ 1000 Km of Hockenheim ++

Sometimes you better stay at home.... The team decided to sign with an untuned Buell 1125 R  for the 1000 Km of Hockenheim Stocksportevent. And while another Buellteam took the classvictory, we had a day in the pits locating a fuel pressure problem..... Not what we and the many Buellfans who visited us there expected. We only can apologize at fans and riders, next time we do it better! Here´s the story >>>

Buell 1125 R Tributebike



++March 27th 2010 ++ EBR Superbike portrait ++

After our succesfull rollout and tracktest in Alcarras / Spain here are some shots about our first version of the 1190 RR-B Superbike. The final bodywork was not ready for the early test, so the team decided with Erik Buell Racing to use the old 1125 RR bodyparts and upgrade the bike before the first Sound of Thunder races in 3 weeks. The bike have the “Barracuda” Tankcover of the planed 2011 Buell Roadbike combinated with the older tailsection and the old radiator (race) solution. Anyway, its a piece of Buell history in that way that it document past and (the killed) future of the East Troy motorcycle brand. Here are the pics >>>

1190 RRB front



++March 25th 2010 ++ P.R.T Experimental 1125 R ++

The Pegasusraceteam started to develop an own racebike based on the Buell 1125 R roadbike in begin of 2009. First result was a Monocoque, a fairing and XBRR-style airfunnels. After HD ended Buell, we decided to continue the work and completed over winter the bodyparts and start to work on a own airintake- and exhaustsystem. Our focus was to optimize aerdynamics, ridebility, handling and minimize frontshape and weight. It was from the beginning the idea to go extreem, to look for alternative ways away from the mainstream. The bike include many new solutions, we will continue the work over the season 2010 with more tracktests, after the rollout in Alcarras was very positive. First parts, like Monocoque, Frontfenders and Fairing are available. Pictures >>>

P.R.T Experimental 1125 R



++March 23rd 2010 ++ P.R.T Tracktest Alcarras / Spain ++

The last 2 month on both sides of the pond, at the Pegasuraceteam and at Erik Buell Racing, we all had a very busy time. E.B.R finished for us the first of our new Buell 1190 RR-B Superbikes, just ready for our tracktests in Spain. The “Barracuda” bodywork is also on the way now, for the first rollout we used the last year 1125 RR bodywork. The Team finished meanwhile also the own 1125 setup. Our main job was tirestests including the 16,5” wheels. In the end with a high 1.37, Harald Kitsch and the E.B.R Supebike showed very clear the great potential of the construction. Here are some rollout impressions >>>

Alcarras Rollout 2010

++January 24th 2010 ++ P.R.T ordered 1190 RR-B ++

As it was in the medias, Pegasusraceteam ordered as the first customer of Erik Buell Racing 2 Buell 1190 RR-B. The bikes will be raced from the actueil SoT Champion Harald Kitsch in the 2010 Sound of Thunder competitions. “It´s a real challenge to get as the first rider this fascinating bike and me and the team are looking forward to give our best” say Harald. There are already still parts for the “B” Version under development. But here are some appetizers.

Buell 1190 RR TN



++December 9th 2009 ++ P.R.T Video Chapter 1 is out ++

Now we get content into the videochannel on youTube. Rickard Rehnberg from Agasamfilm had done a great job and chapter 1 of total 5 chapters is online now.  In that first film you can join the Buell 1125R racebike one complete lap onboard at the Oschersleben racetrack in full racespeed, there is more nice additional material like a sequence when the bike at 100 km/h is going over the frontwheel  and end up in the gravelbed. Cool music performed by swedish Rockband Corroded >>>

Biketoberfest Chapter 1



++November 27th 2009 ++ ELF Moto 2010  Sponsor ++ is happy to have ELF as additional sponsor. ELF has a long history of supporting outstanding motorsports technologies, like F1 Turbo and André de Cortanze´s revolutionary ELF X project. ELF offers a wide range of motorcycle oils and chemicals of all grades from scooter to highperformance competition applications. On the website the company offers a lot of additional services for motorcycle riders like riding-, safety- and garage advices.  Check out the productrange including the Joe Bar inspired “Nitron” youngtimer oils. ELF >>

Elf 2010



++November 20th 2009 ++ ++

As we said, it´s not over till it´s over. “Factory” Buell Racing is back with Erik Buell Racing. Erik Buell anounched in a new video message that he will open a own company offering racebikes based on the Buell 1125 R, Raceservices and that the Team Erik Buell Racing will compete in the 2010 AMA Superbike championship in the USA. That means that the delivery of raceparts and the support of raceactivities for the 2010 season will get organized. So, welcome back! GO BUELL RACING!  E.B.R website >>

E.B. news



++October 20th 2009 ++Team will continue Buellracing ++

No good news, Erik announced this days, about HD´s decision to stop the production of Buell Motorcycles, we will see what that in the end means. Meanwhile Teamprincipal Thomas Wanner gave a clear statement for Buell Racing: “We will race, as planed in 2010 in 3 classes”. So the building of the 2010 bikes continue, also the Youtube Teamchannel started with a first Teaser  Watch the video >>

Team Videochannel



++September 21th 2009 ++Heatbeat from Victory ++

What a weekend! After the unsatisfactional result at the Festival Italia the team decided to take a break and focus with the Buell 1125R from now on on the 2010 season. A new rider and a next evolutionstep of the chassis and bodywork should fix it, -and it worked! At Biketoberfest Harald Kitsch was going with the leader, finished in both races 2nd and missed his first victory on Buell with just inches. Read more >>

Battling Toni Heiler



++September 21th 2009 ++Great Start for Jessi Baruth ++

It was a complete new thing for her, coming from the light Supermoto 450 single to the powerful pushrod V-Twin of our Buell XB racer. But, as expected, Jessi got very quick control over the bike and cutting down the laptimes from session to session. Qualifying 9th was following a 7th place in the Saturdayrace and she finished 5th the race on Sunday. How could the progress documented clearer? Read more >>

GO Jessi!



++September 18th 2009 ++Harald Kitsch at P.R.T. ++

Well known german Superbikepilot and Sound of Thunder Championship Leader Harald Kitsch will replace Manfred Kehrmann who was original setted for the Biketoberfestraces and was getting lightly injured by a crash with the Pegasus Raceteam 1125 R in the free practice for the Pro Thunder  races at the Biketoberfest. Mannie is ok, but decided together with the team to stop developing the new geometry of the bike, regarding his leading in the Supermono series, to be 100% fit for the final races in 14 days at Assen. Read more about Harald Kitsch on the riders page >>

Harald Kitsch



++August 21th 2009 ++New Racebodywork presented++

On the event the Pegasus Raceteam presented the new Racebodywork for the Buell 1125R and the XB Racer. An allnew monocoque is changing the seatposition and give place for an very much extended airbox. The new fairing comes with a airintake for the new P.R.T Ramair system what is under developing. Later will follow sidepanels and bellypan. View pictures >>

Buell Racing



++July 18th 2009 ++Jessi Baruth will race for P.R.T++

23 year old former Supermoto Pro Jessica Baruth will ride now for the Pegasus Raceteam the Buell XB 12R Racebike in the Pro B.E.A.R.S series. Jessi was competing very succesful til 2007 in the Prestige 450 class, but decided than to take a break to complete her educations. She is coming from Moto-Cross and found over the red Bull Rookies Cup  into the Supermoto. More about her on our riders page >>

Jessica  Baruth



++June 29th 2009 ++P.R.T at Harley Weekend Lübeck++

Pegasusraceteam Sponsor VIKING-CYCLE invited the team to present itself from August 21-23th at the Harley Weekend Lübeck. So if you love to talk about Buell and Harley-Davidson Tuning, Racing and Performance, if you like to meet the people from the Team, we are very happy to welcome you at the Harley Village in the Media Docks. Read more about the great event in the North.

Harley Weekend



++June 21th 2009 ++New Riders at Pegasusraceteam++

Sometimes in life both sides put a lot of positive power in a relation but it didnt work. The Team like to thank Achim Scholz very much for his work and engagement in the past 4 races and wish him all good for his future plans. Because of that P.R.T cancelled the start at the Masters of Speed on the Europspeedway. Next racing will be in September with the new bikes at the Biketoberfest >>

Achim Scholz



++June 14th 2009 ++Festival Italia Oschersleben Review++

There are weekends you better stay home than hittin the track. Organsation was great, weather was great, bikes were great but than we could start only at 3 of the 4 races and crashed there 2 times. In the end the weekends result was a 5th place with the XB  in the Sunday afternoon Pro B.E.A.R.S race. “We need to reflect this weekend and analyze what was going wrong” say crewchief Jens Krüper. Thomas Wanner: “Most important that nobody gettin hurt”. Read more about Pegasusraceteams black weekend > >

Black Weekend



++June 10th 2009 ++ Viking Cycle++New Sponsor++

Pegasusraceteam is very happy to announce that Buell and Harley-Davidson Dealer VIKING-CYCLES from Lübeck / Germany is from now on additional Sponsor. “The Team was looking for a supporting dealer and we at VIKING-CYCLES will engage us in the near future more in enginetuning, so we are very happy with this collaboration” say VIKING-CYCLES managing Director Martin Ohlrog. Have a look on the VIKING-Cycle website >>

Viking Cycles



++June 8th 2009 ++Festival Italia++P.R.T Buell 1125R++

Two days left and we are on the way to Oschersleben for a new challenge. The Pegasusraceteam decided to sign additional to the # 489 Buell XB bike in the Pro B.E.A.R.S a Buell 1125R for the Pro Thunder Championship. So watch out for the #  432. There are in total this weekend 3 Buells battling the bikes from Italy, England and Germany, because Julius Ilmberger is with another Buell 1125R starting in the Sound of Thunder races. More about the # 432 >>

Buell 1125R Racebike



++May 28th 2009 ++Get the News++Join the free SMSinfo++

You cannot make it to visit the race? But like to get all informations firsthand, daily updated over the raceweekend directly from the Buell riding Pegasusraceteam? Than join our free P.R.T Racemonitor. It´s a worldwide free SMS service from the Pegasusraceteam for our fans and supporters. Be a part of it and get the laptimes, backroundinfos and results live on your cellphone wherever you are. Sign in now >>

PRT Racemonitor



++May 10th 2009 ++Schleiz++ New Team took podium ++

The Pegasus Race Team got off to a great start on their Buell XB 12 in the 2009 Pro B.E.A.R.S racing series, finishing 2nd in their first race of the season. "The weekend was OK for the beginning", said rider Achim Scholz, however his bike suffered technical problems with the fuel system during the 2nd race on Sunday. Despite the technical problem, Achim still managed a 4th place finish, "Once we fix the problem, victories will come." Crewchief Jens Krüper added, "We tried a different fuel pump setup, that didn't work as well as we had hoped". More from # 489 >>

2nd in the first race



++ Apr. 27th 2009++Pro B.E.A.R.S bike will getting ready++

The M-TeK powered Buell XB 12 RR Racebike for the 2009 DMSB Pro B.E.A.R.S  promoted by Art-Motor Championship will be ready in time, said Team Chiefmechanic Christian Hoffman. “Only the new swingarm is missing but I am sure we get all ready in time”. The bike is powered by an 1200cc shortstroke pushrodengine based on the Buell XB 9 engine and will compete in the Pro B.E.A.R.S. More from # 489 >>

Buell Pro BEARS Racer



++Dec. 14th 2008++ Pegasusraceteam founded++

In an economical difficult times Thomas Wanner supports  the Team. “I am supporting Buell Racing since some years, but now was the time to extend my engagement” so Thomas,” we have more far going ideas, but for now the DMSB races at Art-Motor are what we are going for,  I am sure it´s a quite experienced and international crew we got together from Swiss, Germany and Sweden”. More about the Team >>



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